The Experimental Research Network is a space for academics, artists and anyone else who has an interest in creative experimentation with research practice.

Currently, the network includes academics using experimental audio and visual methods in their research, researchers using experimental narrative, textual and print-based methods, sound artists, avant-garde film makers, photographers, performance artists and musicians.

The aims of the Network are:

– To actively promote and encourage experimentation within research practice, helping to create an enlarged and enlivened sense of what research might encompass

– To initiate and coordinate experimental research events – conferences, workshops, meetings

– To distribute and share information about relevant events and funding opportunities

– To foster new links between individuals and institutions working experimentally with research methods

In short, we aim to bring together people who are using creative, innovative, novel, or risky research practices in their work, regardless of their location, affiliation or research topic, in a way that is mutually supportive, intellectually stimulating and fun. If this sounds like your thing, why not join us?

The Experimental Research Network was initiated in 2010 by Dr Michael Gallagher and Jonathan Prior, both currently based at The University of Edinburgh, Scotland. It developed out of an international training and networking project funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).